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Sojourner Truth was born into slavery
c. 1797. She was sold multiple times and became a leading speaker against
slavery and women's rights


This is the newsletter on women's issues, local and global,
published by Fifty/Fifty Leadership, a non-profit organization promoting women's equal leadership.
Edited by Pauline Field

Which is more newsworthy and is penalized more? 
A ballplayer conducting a dogfight or beating a woman?
See "In the News" below

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Excerpted from Below the Belt: A Biweekly Column by NOW President Kim Gandy

August 7, 2007

"The women of this country ought be enlightened in regard to the laws under which they live, that they may no longer publish their degradation by declaring themselves satisfied with their present position, nor their ignorance, by asserting that they have all the rights they want." Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902)

I often think of this century-old quote when I hear women say that things are "just fine," women already have equality. Wonder what those women would have thought about the U.S. House debating the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, quibbling over when a 180-day time limit for filing a pay discrimination claim should start - whether that period starts from the first act of pay discrimination or from the most recent discriminatory paycheck. And I stopped to wonder, "How many women even know there is a 180-day window? Or that the window is 300 days in some states?"

In case you were wondering, the House chose the second option, deciding the 180 days should start with the most recent discriminatory paycheck. Yes, we won a victory with the House passage of the Ledbetter Act, designed to correct the Supreme Court's recent misinterpretation of Title VII , the law prohibiting sex discrimination in employment. It's a victory, but only a small one, because there's still a long way to go before this "fix" become reality.

House Republican leader John Boehner, said in a press release, "This measure would put small business men and women on the hook for decades of decisions that may or may not have even been truly discriminatory, even if the accused passed away long ago." Companies darned well know whether a female employee is being paid the same as her male peers (particularly when they've been doing it for 19 years, like Lilly Ledbetter's employer) and if they don't know, they should find out. It's against the law.

Pay us now, or pay us later. That is, if we win the veto-proof majority we need for the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. And we can do it if we put pressure on our representatives to help women secure equal pay.

Apologists for the persistent pay gap often use an economic version of the "blame the victim" argument, claiming that the gap in women's wages, compared to men's, is largely due to women's own unwillingness to ask for raises or negotiate salaries. While it may be true that women are less likely to negotiate for more money, a recent study indicates that this is a perfectly rational response to existing sexist workplace attitudes. In a new study from the Kennedy School of Government , researcher Hannah Riley Bowles found that "men were always less willing to work with a woman who had attempted to negotiate than with a woman who did not. They always preferred to work with a woman who stayed mum. But it made no difference to the men whether a guy had chosen to negotiate or not."

It seems that the work-related risks of negotiating must be weighed against the potential financial gain, and this cost-benefit analysis may be exactly what women are doing when they choose not to ask for that raise. So much for the idea that women just need to be more assertive and they'll miraculously find equal pay.

Another study, presented yesterday at the Academy of Management , shed light on another sex-based prejudice that affects women in the workplace. In research conducted by Yale post-doctoral fellow Dr. Victoria Brescoll, participants judged male and female job candidates who displayed either anger or sadness about losing an account because a co-worker arrived late. In terms of both status and salary awarded, participants penalized the angry women and rewarded the angry men - to the tune of a $14,500 difference in salary. This just confirms what many employed women already know: that women face a double standard in the workplace whereby they're supposed to be assertive and powerful in order to get things done, but are often penalized if they're anything but cool, calm and collected.

The recent hearings on equal pay in Congress, remind us all that there are laws in place to protect a woman's right to equal wages. Unfortunately, Lilly Ledbetter's case reminds us that it not just the laws that are important to protecting our rights, but also who enforces the laws. With the stroke of a pen, . Supreme Court severely weakened the law designed to protect us from such discrimination and now we face an uphill battle to restore the original meaning of the law.

As Gloria Steinem once said, "The truth will set you free . . . but first it will piss you off." Here's to truth, freedom, and a little righteous anger.

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Our Vision

That 50% of leaders are women

Our Mission

To transform the culture within which we live to one that naturally includes women on an equal basis in the selection of leaders

How are we doing this? 
We are a community of communities. 
We are growing leaders with Leadership Circles.
We are supporting the making of the documentary,
Beauty Bites Beast that speaks to the need for us to learn that we can to defend ourselves, and we need to learn how.
We are part of the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce
supporting Women in Business.  
We help promote the work of Crime Survivors
to help victims of crime.
What community are you involved with? 
How can we work together? 
How can we support the work of your organization? 
What synergies are there?

Let us know — send us an e-mail, or give us a call at: 818.243.2322


Dog Beating vs. Woman beating - which gets more attention and penalties?
National Football League superstar Michael Vick is in trouble, serious trouble. Federal prosecutors charged the Atlanta Falcons' quarterback with animal abuse for his role as the alleged leader of a dog-fighting ring and, after denying it for months, Vick pleaded guilty on Monday. He faces stiff sentencing.

Scores of NFL players as well as players from the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball have been convicted of domestic abuse, yet they play on with no fear of losing their careers. Most pay small fines, if that, and are back on the field immediately.

The message is clear. Beat a woman? Play on. Beat a dog? You're gone.

Read the whole story from Women ENews by clicking here:

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If very woman who voted in the past midterm election
would give just $27 to any presidential candidate, we'd pour
$1.3 Billion into politics.  But we haven't.yet


A study conducted by the Women's Fund of Greater Omaha, titled "Women & Leadership in Omaha ," reveals little has improved over the last 10 years for women seeking leadership opportunities in Omaha .

According to the Institute for Women's Policy Research, Nebraska ranks third in the U.S. for percentage of women in the work force; however, the Women's Fund study shows the number of women holding leadership positions is not evenly represented and is not growing in Omaha .

" Omaha 's male-dominated corporate culture remains the top barrier for women seeking leadership positions," says Ellie Archer, executive director, Women's Fund of Greater Omaha. "And balancing work and family is increasingly more difficult and continues to be a major obstacle for advancement."

Increasing the leadership opportunities for females in Omaha is not only good for women and their daughters, it's good for the bottom line. A national study done by Catalyst showed that Fortune 500 companies with the highest percentage of female corporate officers saw, on average, a 35.1 percent higher return on equity and 34 percent higher return rate to shareholders than companies with the lowest percentages of female corporate officers.

The Women's Fund is calling on Omaha business and civic leaders to develop and promote advancement opportunities for all women and girls. Improvements in work/life integration policies and networking and mentoring opportunities top the list of recommended culture changes necessary to help women flourish as leaders in our city. The full report and list of recommendations and resources is available at .

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson, award-winning author sent us the following f rom Publishers Weekly, Book Expo America Edition, June 2007:  
"How's this for a troubling statistic: while fully 70% of nonfiction books are purchased by women, between April 2006 and April 2007, fewer than 25% of the books on the New York Times bestseller list were authored by women."


Have you been confused by the differences between Chinese and Western Astrology?  Have you ever wanted to have a consultation with an astrologist but didn't know who was a flake and who a professional?  Linda LaZar has studied this for 25 years, written numerous articles for the Los Angeles Times and appeared on many television shows.  Visit her website at

Space available within this charming, cozy cottage like Healing Center in the heart of Glendale . Close to The Galleria and restaurants. We welcome any alternative practitioner an Acupuncturist or Chiropractor with existing clientele. (Other modalities can be considered if compliments services we offer).  Lease $1,200 a month. This charming, furnished facility is equipped with the following: Parking for practitioner and clientele; Front desk area; Comfortable waiting area; Peaceful relaxation area/library; small kitchen area; classic tiled bathroom; plus Utilities are included! Contact Liza Boubari at   818.551.1501

Know anyone who has problems with the IRS?  Being audited?  Whether you do or not, you might want to file this information.  Attorney Catherine Christianson specializes in helping you fend them off.  Catherine can be reached at 562-608-8368 will be conducting it's 8th annual "Top Small Businesses in America " survey. This year's survey will determine the Top 500 Small Businesses, Top 500 Women Owned Businesses and Top 500 Diversity  Owned Businesses in the United States . Also, for each State, the Top 50 Small Businesses, Top 50 Women Owned Businesses and Top 50 Diversity Owned Businesses.

DiversityBusiness research has been recognized and published by Forbes Magazine, Business Week and thousands of media outlets throughout the world. Honorees will be recognized and honored at the 8th Annual Multicultural Business Conference in April of 2008 in Orlando, Florida.

The national data collection effort is a massive undertaking. In order to participate, businesses must register at  by September 15, 2007.

DiversityBusiness is the nation's largest and most comprehensive online resources for Small, Women, and Minority owned businesses and large procurement organizations. It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

Baby boomers:  If you have been thinking about getting insurance to cover long term care for when you age, call Karen Weathers , she specializes in that and can steer you in the right direction.  Karen can be reached at 626-922-4545

Whether you are a landlord, investor or home owner, when you are purchasing real estate, problems can arise.  For help, contact Attorney Sara Harris at 310-286-1700


Vaginal Screening

Dr. James Caillouette, the first man to serve on the Pasadena Women's Commission, is retired from his Ob/Gyn practice but continues to do research.  One of his commitments is to give power back to women in regard to their health.  To this end, he has developed the first and only Over-The-Counter women's vaginal screening device.

He was disturbed by the fact that for every 100 women who purchase over-the-counter Antifungal medication, only 29 have a yeast infection for which the medication is applicable. The other 71 should be seeing their physician.  Dr. Caillouette wants to alert women to the prevalence and risks of undiagnosed vaginal infection.

Despite the fact that there are 200,000 doctor visits for vaginal infection annually, most women with vaginal infection do not see a physician.

Premature birth has increased from 6% when he began deliveries to 12.5% today, with undiagnosed ascending vaginal infection a major part of the problem.

Kidney Disease Patients

Do you have kidney disease?  If you do, then you should know about    The Renal Support Network is a patient based, patient oriented, patient run organization.

Lori Hartwell, herself a patient who has lived with kidney disease since she was 2 years old and who is on her third kidney transplant, is the driving force behind this amazing group of organizations providing support, help, education, lobbying and more for other patients.  Lori's book, Chronically Happy: Joyful Living in Spite of Chronic Illness is an upbeat, motivational book that helps people living with chronic illness create joyful, fulfilling lives. This book is filled with enlightened anecdotes from the author and others coping with diabetes, lupus, arthritis and many other chronic diseases. Their stories and words of wisdom will inspire readers to embrace a joyful life in spite of their physical limitations.   To buy her book, click here   then click on the Amazon logo.  (When you buy the book this way, Amazon rewards Fifty-Fifty Leadership with a contribution).

Lori has made a difference in the lives of thousands of people with chronic kidney disease. She is the model of living a fulfilling life despite chronic illness. In 1993, Lori founded the patient-run Renal Support Network to instill "health, happiness, and hope" into the lives of fellow patients. As RSN president, Lori travels throughout the country educating and inspiring patients and healthcare professionals with her stories, insight, and humor. The influence of this patient-run organization now extends across America . RSN's mission is to identify and meet the non-medical needs of people affected by CKD, whether they are in the early stages of the disease, on dialysis, or with a kidney transplant. RSN accomplishes this by providing service, support, and advocacy to patients and their families, and by building coalitions within the renal community.

Among her more recent awards are: "Women in Business Award," presented by the California State Legislature,  KNX Radio Citizen of the Week, "Woman of the Year" in the 21st Senate District by California State Sen. Jack Scott (D-Pasadena) and "Quality of Life Award," presented by Nephrology News & Issues.


In addition to the events that we highlight below, there are hundreds of other opportunities.  Rina Rubenstein puts out a newsletter each month called Culture Alert, which this month features 24 pages of events to choose from!  If you want to get her newsletter, email her at

Have you ever been to a Salon?  It is a lovely format for meeting people and discussing certain topics.  Barbara Goldberg has been putting on Salons for some time and was written up in the Los Angeles Times.  I recently attended one and had a delightful evening with dinner, interesting conversation and a variety of people.  To find out more and to sign up, go to

Volunteer opportunities with Fifty-Fifty Leadership.  Watching too much TV?  Glued to the computer?  We have many ways for you to contribute that are fun.  Whether you want to help give out literature at our booth at one of the events we have coming up, want to find locations for our events, or perhaps you are a producer looking to help make an oscar-winning documentary.  Call or email us and let's discuss what you like to do and what we need - I am sure there's a match!  818-243-2322

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My name is Jasmine Richau.  I have an AA degree from Fresno City College and have recently completed an internship with Dr. Frank McDonough at the LA County Arboretum.  I am looking for a job that allows me to use my skills in working with people, research and networking. I am comfortable on the phone and with computers as well as with face to face interactions.  I enjoy fashion, cosmetics and creativity and I flourish in an environment where people are open to new ideas and change.  My ideal environment is an indoor one where I am a team player.  My goal is to find a position that allows me to support others and create a sense of well being about themselves and their work, i.e.  Jasmine is here, there's nothing to worry about! 
Contact me please!

One of my friends daughter, graduated with a bachelors degree in Communications and Journalism.  She is looking for a job.  Any ideas as to where she would intern or apply?

Facility Security Officer or a Contractor Special Security Officer specializing in DOD facilities is looking for a DOD facility in the Southern California area that might need her services.  If you know of an opening, please respond to and you will be connected to the applicant.

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Follow up to our Web Designer's offer to build bargain Web sites: 

Leigh Adams, Artist in Residence at the Los Angeles Arboretum and new subscriber to the Equity Standard, immediately contacted our Web designer, Linda LaZar, and Linda had a Web site up for Leigh THE NEXT DAY!!! 
Check it out at

Several other people also took advantage of Linda's offer - keeping Linda quite busy!  If you need a Web site and have not contacted Linda yet, check out her Web site at, and then contact her at

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Please let us know of events in YOUR area that we can post here.  If you know of conferences, programs that will inform, educate and inspire, we will consider them for publication.  Ed.

September is Baby Safety Month

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Assn supports this effort to increase consumer awareness of "child safe" products.  check out .   

Thanks to Camille Levee, Executive Director of Glendale Healthy Kids for letting us know about this


Thursday, September 6th, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

L.A. City Controller Laura Chick Presents Women's Dialogue

Women & Faith

Board of Public Works hearing room, 3rd floor, City Hall

· Nasreen Haroon: Activist, Interfaith Community / Spokesperson, the Islamic Center of Southern California / Artist

· Rev. Catherine Hughes: Associate Pastor, Immanuel Presbyterian Church

· Linda Johnson: National Women's Leader, Soka Gakkai International / Supervising Deputy Attorney General

· Connie Kang: Los Angeles Times Religion Reporter / Author

· Rabbi Janel Offel: Rabbi, Temple Kol Tikvah / Scholar

Please r.s.v.p. to Miriam Jaffe at .


Friday, September 7th - 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Red Nation Event

Glendale YWCA,  735 East Lexington @ Glendale Ave

Native American Indians believe that Indian drums are the heartbeat of the Earth Mother.  They also believe it is the heartbeat of all people and a way to bring things back into their prospective balance.  It is said that people are able to connect with the spirit of the drums and nature through its rhythmic pounding which also has a healing effect on the hurts we have experienced.

Come and find the healing and relaxing experience of the drums at the YWCA of Glendale. The Red Nation joins the YWCA Domestic Violence Programs in sharing this unique experience. A $5.00 donation is requested. Women please wear comfortable clothes and bring a pillow to sit on. Chairs will be available for those you can't sit on the floor.

P lease RSVP:  818-242-4155 x 220


Saturday, September 8th - 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Manifesting Total Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle

S. Mike Neskovic, M.D. and  Liza Boubari, CCHT

How you handle change and transitions can affect your health, inside-out.  Learn how Western medicine in conjunction with Alternative healing can help YOU heal and feel better. Physically, Mentally & Emotionally

Glendale Main Library, Main Auditorium, 222 E. Harvard  Glendale , CA
Cost  $25

Contact Liza at 818.551-1501


Sunday, September 9th - 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Self Defense Program Graduation

Have you ever thought about learning to defend yourself?  Not sure if you would be up to it? Don't know if you need to?  Or just not sure where to go?

Come watch Pauline Field as she graduates from the Impact Self Defense Class for Women and Girls.  You will see two fights and have a chance to ask the questions you have always wanted answered.

Absolution Workout Complex, 8535 Santa Monica Blvd , just West of La Cienega. 

Parking at the Collar & Leash, a few stores West. Park anywhere except the first few spaces that say "Collar and Leash Only"

Take a look at a preview of the documentary, Beauty Bites Beast, that is being made to address the issue of self defense for women.


Monday, September 10th - 6:00 p.m.

Catch Pauline Field of Fifty-Fifty Leadership

on Crown City News - Pasadena Channel 56


Thursday, September 13th

A Good New Year to All Our Jewish Readers


Thursday, September 13th - 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Small Business Exchange

Long Beach Convention Center

The purpose of the exchange is to increase dialogue among the small businesses in Southern

California and to enhance the exposure of small business and corporate partners to new

business opportunities in California

This is a FREE event, but registration is necessary

For more information and to register go to or call 213-628-1ABA


September 14 - 16

Women, Power and Peace

The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck , New York

The Women's Institute, a dynamic new component of Omega, is dedicated to empowering women around the world. It has grown out of the momentum created by the annual Women and Power conferences that Omega Institute has presented in partnership with V-Day since 2002. It seeks to sustain throughout the year the community and inspiration generated at the conferences. Women's deep wisdom is essential to the creation of a more sustainable and loving culture in every facet of life, from the personal to the political. The Women's Institute provides opportunities for women and men to inspire and strengthen their visions and authentic voices through unique learning and community building experiences.

This is a conference with a stellar faculty including our own Ellen Snortland, Nobel Prize winner and Guatemalan Presidential Candidate Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Sally Field, Jane Fonda and more.  For more information and to register, call 800-944-1001


Sunday, September 23rd - 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Jane Goodall - Griffith Park

It's a really fun day with lots of things to do. Jane Goodall will speak along with many others. There are bands and a parade of Peace Doves. There are animals from various activist groups who help them. It's a great event for families. Please invite any one you can think of! It's very well marked when you drive into the park.

For more information contact the event Co-ordinator-Pat Tallman at 818-704-1817


Monday, September 24th through November 26th, Ten Weeks - 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.

Writer's Workshop:  Art That Pays

Thanks to Margalo Ashley-Farrand, Attorney for letting us know about this

ART THAT PAYS is a writing workshop that I have created to write from this space of creation; a place where we will manifest a writing practice that can lead to publication.

The first three sessions : We will look at the mechanics of creation from the deepest levels of Being. We will learn how to turn autobiographical fragments into successful narrative or poetic writings.

The middle three sessions : We will develop the practice of writing, establishing tools and habits that will serve us for a lifetime, and learning the art of revision. We'll read relevant literature and essays and put into practice through in-class exercises the habits required for the ongoing process of the writing life.

The final four sessions : We will get your work seen and read at whatever level is appropriate. Together, we will evaluate the work and submit it for publication.

For more information and to register, call Adele Slaughter at 818.908.8767


Wednesday, September 26th - 6:15 p.m. - 8:15 p.m.

Giving Back to Your Community: Appointments Training Workshop for Women

Join Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi and the California Elected Women's Association (CEWAER) at a FREE workshop training you how to get appointed to a board of commission.

Pleasanton Senior Center , 5353 Sunol Boulevard , Pleasanton , CA 94566

* Mary Hayashi, Assemblywoman, 18th District
* Jackie Speier, former Senator, 8th District
* Karla Diringer, Deputy Appointments Secretary, Office of the Governor (invited)
* Jennifer Hosterman, Mayor, City of Pleasanton (invited)
* Laura Niznik, VIce Chair, Antelope Community Planning Advisory Council

Encourage your friends, staff, co-workers, and others to attend!
For more information, see attached flyer or contact CEWAER at 916-551-1920, email or visit .


Saturday, September 29th - Fifty-Fifty Leadership presents

Now That She's Gone

Gloria Steinem says, " Ellen Snortland's one-woman play, "Now That She's Gone," is what good theater is all about. Her funny and tragic, particular and universal story sends us home with a better understanding of our own."

6:00 p.m. doors open; 7:00 p.m. Curtain
Ms. Magazine/Feminist Majority Foundation Salon
433 S Beverly Dr , Beverly Hills , CA 90212
(310) 556-2515

Suggested Tax Deductible Donation: $25 to benefit the making of the documentary, "Beauty Bites Beast"
Reservations: 818-243-2322
Or e-mail:
Tickets available at the door if there are still seats.
Ample street and low-cost self-parking available at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 1150 S. Beverly Dr .

Now That She's Gone is a play that explores Ellen Snortland's often wacky, irreverent and sometimes torturous relationship with her Norwegian-American mother. Now That She's Gone has been described as a Lily Tomlin / Garrison Keillor / Eve Ensler hybrid. passionate, poignant and funny in turns. A memoir piece with Eleanor Roosevelt, sex, drugs and lutefisk, the play and performance have received rave reviews and standing ovations in California , New York , and Washington , D.C.

For further information, contact Ellen by visiting:


Saturday, September 29th - Shop 'til You Drop at Macy's

Beverly Center, Pasadena Lake Street, Sherman Oaks, South Coast Plaza, Fashion Valley/Mission Valley, Palm Desert, Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas

Buy a $10 passport now and receive 10-20% off everything you buy that day

A portion of the sales will go to:

Women At Risk



Saturday, October 6th - 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Ready to Run

Are you interested in running for public office or working on a campaign?  Would you like to gain experience in the political arena?

Do you want to influence change in your community?

Learn the nuts and bolts of running an effective campaign.  Network with local female elected officials and learn valuable campaign

tips from presenters and panelists.

College of Saint Mary

7000 Mercy Road , Omaha , NE 68106

Tickets $25 - Continental Breakfast & Lunch Included

Keynote Speaker: Carol Marinovich, Vice President of Public Affairs, Fleishman-Hillard

Former Mayor of Kansas City , KS , Top 11 public officials by Governing magazine.  Responsible for City/County consolidation in Kansas

To register, go to: OR call Women's Fund of Greater Omaha 402-827-9280

Women account for less than 20% of elected officials in Nebraska . With 25 legislative seats up for election in 2008, now is the time to make an impact in your community!

Lincoln City/Lancaster County just de-funded their Women's Commission.

A judge in a Nebraska court refused to allow the words "rape" "sexual assault" "victim" and several other such words in a rape case

If you live in Nebraska and are reading this, please attend this workshop and consider running.

And please, pass this on to everyone you know that lives near Omaha

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Fifty/Fifty Leadership is growing and no longer fits in our houses.  So, we are looking for office space.  Do you, or anyone you know, have an extra office in their suite?  Perhaps they would be willing to let us have the space as their donation.  Or maybe someone you know has an extra office and could use a little (!) extra cash to help pay the rent.  If you know of any such space, please call Pauline Field at 818.243.2322 or email her at pfield@Fifty/

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Pauline Field

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