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Sojourner Truth was born into slavery
c. 1797. She was sold multiple times and became a leading speaker against
slavery and women's rights

Ellen Snortland (left) and Pauline Field (right) at an event
On a Saturday Evening in this past November, Debra and I were treated to a play ourselves by CREATE member, Pauline Field and her partner, Ellen Snortland , as Fifty- Fifty Leadership presented a staged reading of Ellen's one woman show Now That She's Gone at the Ms. Magazine/ Feminist Majority in Beverly Hills. The evening was filled with laughs and thoughtful introspection as Ellen regaled us of tales of growing up with her emotionally unavailable mother who had that "don'tcha know" accent. The play was definitely a testament to Ellen's strength and provided great insight into Fifty-Fifty's dedication to promoting social betterment for women everywhere.

Co-Chair of Fifty-Fifty and our CREATE member, Pauline Field, was born in London , England and went to school there through her first year of college.  She then went to New York where she continued her schooling at Hunter College , earned a BS at Cal State Northridge, and did Master's work at Cornell.  She moved around for a while and finally landed in the Los Angeles area in 1980 and has lived here since.  She lives with her husband, Barry, has a son, Adrian,   and a granddaughter, Tatiana,   who live in Eugene , Oregon . Below she answers some questions about Fifty-Fifty:

Alex Rogals: Please tell CREATE about Fifty-Fifty (goals, etc).  When it got started, how, etc.  

Pauline Field: Fifty/Fifty Leadership got started because as I was doing research for a proposal to establish a Women's Commission in the City of Glendale , I was appalled at the small numbers of women in top decision-making positions in any area of endeavor: art, media, professions, academia, corporate, government, politics, religious institutions, etc.  We are, after all, 50% of the population, so it seems logical that we should be approximately 50% of the decision makers.  Instead we are tokens - a few women at the top, nowhere close to half.  I wanted to do something about it and as Ellen was committed to this also, we took over an existing 501c3 and off we went.

Our vision is that 50% of leaders are women.

Our mission is to transform the culture within which we live to one that naturally includes women on an equal basis in the selection of leaders

AR: Aside from the event Debra and I attended, what other events does Fifty-Fifty promote?  What are some future events?  

PF: We mostly focus on our programs, which at the moment are Leadership Circles - leadership development program and Beauty Bites Beast- a documentary in the making on the need for girls and women to learn to defend ourselves. However we have had a number of fun fundraising   and educational events and in 2008 look for the following:

International Women's History Month Celebration
Focus on Women's Health
Artists Market
Women's Equality Day Celebration
Science & Technology:  Careers for Women

AR: Ellen Snortland, aside from being a talented playwright, is also Fifty-Fifty's Co-Chair.  What does this entail?  

Ellen and I are the prime movers of the organization.  We are a young organization - just started in 2005 - and still building an infrastructure.  So, although we are thankful to have more and more volunteers, Ellen and I are responsible for the whole organization and its success.

AR: When we came to visit you gave us a copy of Ms. Magazine- What is Fifty-Fifty's affiliation with Ms.?  

PF: Ellen is a contributor (writer) to Ms Magazine.  We support the work of Ms Magazine and the Feminist Majority Foundation.  

AR: I saw on your website Ellen has met with Hillary Rodham Clinton!  Can you talk a little about what Fifty-Fifty thinks is great about Hillary- maybe how Fifty-Fifty believes she might positively promote social betterment in the US ?  

PF: As a 501C3, we are prohibited from endorsing any candidate.  As a leader, however, we see that should Hillary be elected, it will empower a whole generation of girls who will know that yes, it is possible for a girl to grow up and be President of their country.  

AR: Lastly, can you tell CREATE who some of your role models were/are and why?  

PF: Eleanor Roosevelt - Because every person was equal to her and because she acted according to her heart, no matter the difficulties or circumstances amassed in front of her.  

My mother, Stella Shenker - For her unwavering ability to rise above her circumstances and see the glass half full.

Maria Nunez - She saw the good in people and was the most generous person I have known.  She would give someone in need whatever she had, leaving almost nothing for herself as she knew she needed little  and would always be provided for.

Participants eagerly listening to Audrey Yeboah speaking about how to be financially fit.
Special Events
Ley Ung and Friends Leading the Charge
On Sunday, January 20th, many volunteers turned out to give 5050Leadership Co-Chair Ellen Snortland and her fiancé, Ken Gruberman, a wedding shower in the Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena , California.
l-r Winship Cook, the Groom, Ken Gruberman and 5050Leadership Board Member Mi Kim


For anyone who would like one of the aprons (as in the picture below) that have slices of tomatoes and herbs strategically located, there are a couple left at just $10.00 each, including shipping, contact Jana Kaplan at

Bride and 5050Leadership Co-Chair Ellen Snortland with shower volunteers
Board Meeting

Our Board meetings are a time when we can hear what is going on at Fifty/Fifty Leadership and get to know the amazing group of men and women who make up our Board. People who are committed to women's equal empowerment as leaders.

If you would like to attend a Board meeting or just want to find out more, email us at

Snapshots of Past Events

First Board Meeting of Fifty/Fifty Leadership. Monday, August 2, 2004.
(l to r) Paula Leftwich, Ellen Snortland, Pauline Field, Caroline Siegel

Our advisory board member, Ellen Snortland - also fondly known as the Grand Duchess, has recently received two awards: She was named Person of the Year by the Southern California Region of United Nations Association chapters, and she was an honoree at the Beautiful People Awards (pictured here showing off her award) - an organization that honors people who have dedicated themselves to their community. Congratulations Ellen!

And a little more on Ellen - Once again Ellen will be a delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women when it meets in New York in March - its 50 th Anniversary. Also, Ellen will be performing her one-woman show, "Now That She's Gone" on the Ms. Cruise to the Western Caribbean in February (tough gig, Ellen!). Speakers on the cruise include Kim Gandy, President of NOW, Dolores Huerta, political activist and President of her Foundation, Carol Moseley-Braun, former U.S. Senator and Presidential Candidate, Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority, Martha Burk, author of "Cult of Power", Kakenya Ntaiya from Kenya who works for the UN Population Fund as a youth advisor and who's mission is to help the women in her village by opening a school for girls, a library, a maternity clinic. Quite a star-studded line-up.

Below, a fundraising event October 3, 2004
"Now That She's Gone" One-woman show
starring Ellen Snortland, Brunch and Silent Auction
Enjoying the brunch and the sunshine are
(l to r) Coralie Whitcomb, Executive Director of the Levitt Pavilion and Shaunna Clarke, Non-profit Consultant
(l to r) Mabel Liota (Massage Therapist), Pauline Field, Paula Petrotta (Head of the Los Angeles City Commission on the Status of Women), California State Assemblywoman Carol Liu
(l to r) Max, Aria & Sherry Simpson-Dean (Executive Director of the Pasadena Chapter of the United Nations Association), Pauline Field and California State Assemblywoman Carol Liu

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