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Financial literacy for young women who grew up in foster care

Turning 18 or 21 for your typical American means newfound independence. Whether it's going off to college or having a first legal drink, most young adults eagerly await these milestone birthdays. But for more than 20,000 young adults in this country, turning 18 or 21 is not a celebratory event. Young adults in foster care "age out" of the system at either 18 or 21. Essentially, aging out is the process that occurs when youth must leave the foster care system because they were never adopted and are too old to stay in care.

The statistics are devastating. By age 26, only three to four percent of youth who aged out of foster care earn a college degree.  One in five of these youth will become homeless after turning 18. Only half will obtain employment by 24.

34% of young women in foster care will give birth by age 21. This high rate of unplanned pregnancy and early childbirth has serious implications. A foster youth's likelihood of lifelong economic stability and life course outcomes are significantly challenged by a teen birth.

50/50 Leadership provides a financial literacy program for these women. In a focus group of these young women, they unanimously asked for this help:

$ Basic and day-to-day money management skills
$ How and when to use credit
$ How to prioritize money into a spending plan that puts themselves first
$ Savings - how, when and how much to save
$ Building financial independence

One of the biggest things that is missing from these young women's lives are people they can consistently turn to with questions, so we have a mentoring program to ensure that what they learn in the sessions, they will be able to apply in their lives.

If you know any young women between the ages of 18 - 26 who have grown up in foster care and would benefit from this program, please let them and us know.

If you would like to be considered as a mentor, please email us at Money101@5050Leadership.org and we will send you an application. Mentors are required to make a minimum of a 12-month commitment when matched with a young woman.

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Here's what your money will buy:

  • $800 - A complete, year-long Money 101 program for a young woman
  • $500 - A session of the Money 101 workshop for 10 young women
  • $250 - Gives all the printed materials for the year-long, Money 101 program for one young woman
  • $125 - Buys the books and completion certificate and gifts for one young woman completing the three sessions of the Money 101 workshop
  • $50 - A gift certificate for groceries at the supermarket for a young woman
  • Other amount - Want to donate but the amount is not listed here - Click and donate, and you will be supporting a young woman being in the Money 101 Program.

Make a Monthly Donation

Become a Sustaining Donor for the Money 101 Program with a monthly gift from $10 and up that will bring financial freedom to young women.

Contact: Money101@5050Leadership.org or Call: 818-243-2322

Market your business and support the Money 101 program at the same time. Call or e-mail for details of the opportunity levels, $500 - $50,000, and the benefits of sponsorship for your company.

Contact: Money101@5050Leadership.org or Call: 818-243-2322

Donate today to the Financial Literacy Program


50/50 Leadership has partnered with the League of Women Voters and the Women's City Club of Pasadena to bring you a monthly discussion on topical topics. Each month we invite a speaker to make a short presentation, followed by what is usually a lively discussion by everyone in attendance.

When: 4th Thursday of the month
5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Where: Women's City Club of Pasadena
160 N. Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA 91101

The discussion is free. If you would like to stay to mix and mingle with Club members, there is a buffet for $15 and a no-host bar. Please note that the Club has a dress code of business casual. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)

Women's Equality Day Celebration

On August 26, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was passed, giving women the right to vote.

Each year we celebrate its passage. Please check back for details of this year's event. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)


Feisty & Fearless Circles are for women who are ready to move forward in life - at work, with your business, or through a transition.

Be ready to be in action; to be accountable; to hold others accountable - all in the space of loving, feminine leadership. Compassion, curiosity, choice, laughter, support - these are part of the safe space we will be creating.

What you will NOT find in the Circle: Judgments, Shoulds, Blame or Shame.

In the sessions we will work with the distinctions of the power of words; practices that support you, and those that do not; spirituality as the best strategy for success; getting from your vision or dreams to results; the freedom and power that you have; how not to suffer; and how to really celebrate.

Each Circle meets six times over a period of 2-3 months. The first session is designed for you to experience the safe, loving and supportive space and for you to choose whether you will Flourish in the Circle, or not. At the end of the first session, the Circle will be closed.

If you see something in joining a Circle that speaks loudly enough to you because you are ready to create some miracles for yourself, email us for the date of the next Circle.

"I have met so many strong, fearless women in the Circle.

I have clarified my goals and received support from the group, and would recommend this group to any woman in need of encouragement and accountability." - Rebecca L.

"We had a great group and Pauline's coaching was very helpful!" -  Shelly F.

"What a great group of women. We got to know each other in the first meeting, with generous sharing. By the end of that first evening, the group was already feeling cohesive. That's saying a lot for a group of around 20, the great majority of which didn't know each other beforehand. This was great leadership in action, creating such a safe space. From the second session on when Pauline led the discussions and coached individuals, I am each time again, as always, struck by her gift for "seeing" what's needed and getting right to it. As a really early riser, I can't think of anyone else that could inspire me to drive 45 minutes each way, at the time of evening when I am usually winding down. I, too, am grateful for being a part of the Feisty & Fearless Circle!" - Reggie O.

"Amazing group of diverse, determined and strong women. Our meetings were uplifting, reminded me of helpful tools, and taught me so many invaluable ones. Pauline inspired me so much, as a person, her tireless advocacy to bring gender equality, and passion to educate thru 50/50 Leadership. As a Coach, she will challenge you, share her knowledge and expertise, and go the extra mile to help achieve your goals. I'm happy and grateful to have participated in the Feisty & Fearless Circle. Thank You!" -  Candy


"Fantastic and empowering!" -  Cristine  


This is an ongoing Circle by invitation only, with a pre-requisite of completing a Feisty & Fearless Circle.

In this safe space you continue the work of thriving and flourishing in living your purpose and reaching to your highest self. In this Circle we examine the internal and external pressures that impact us and how to change them; deepen your appreciation of what works and what doesn't and offer practices that support you in creating the life you want. (BACK TO TOP OF PAGE)
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